mHealth Technologies

LA 02.08 Lexington, 67 Mai Chi Tho, An Phu, quan 2
Quy mô: 10 - 24
Người liên hệ: Huyen Nguyen


mHealth Technologies JSC is a venture jointly founded by a renowned international healthcare operator and a team of passionate founders in IT and business fields. We transform healthcare industry by offering telemedicine and other mHealth applications. The solution places patients at the center and assists/complements traditional healthcare delivery model, resulting in better health outcomes for patients and community.

mHealth platform includes mobile apps, facebook app and web app for patients (i) to conduct virtual consultation with remote doctors (ii) to see doctor real-time schedule and book appointment with doctors 24/7 (iii) to measure, track and share to doctors medical and lifestyle data from home using health wearable devices. Values we offer to patients are instant access to healthcare, from anywhere, at lower price and higher quality.